Truth Tellers Truth Tellers

“Things are not what they seem on the surface. Dig deeper, dig deeper, dig deeper.”

Sir Harry Evans About Sir Harry
Truth Tellers Truth Tellers

“Truth is not dead – it is not. It is the death of where to find the truth.”

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Truth Tellers Truth Tellers

“I've been stealing other people's suffering with my camera and it's brought me a certain amount of recognition which I feeling deeply uncomfortable about.”

Sir Don McCullin
Acclaimed Photographer
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Truth Tellers Truth Tellers

“The lesson of this remarkable conference that commemorates Harry Evans is about what’s important.”

Legendary Watergate Reporter Carl Bernstein About

A Truth-telling Legacy

Pioneering British newspaperman Sir Harry Evans (1928-2020) was one of the giants of post-war journalism. The award-winning work he spearheaded as editor of The Northern Echo, The Sunday Times, and The Times set the gold standard for courageous investigative journalism. For Sir Harry, trust in journalism was essential and the debasement of fact-based reporting was a serious concern for functioning democracy.

To reignite Sir Harry’s values, Truth Tellers champions the work of today’s investigative journalists.

About Sir Harry
A Truth-telling Legacy

“We have to keep doing the vital stuff of placing things on the record. Let’s just find out what the bloody facts are!”

Sir Harry Evans

Celebrate the Truth Tellers

The Sir Harry Evans Investigative Journalism Summit brings together the world’s most dogged and diverse truth-seekers, both seasoned and innovative: unsung reporters who risk their lives and reputations, intrepid war photographers, digital data sleuths, relentless documentarians, and enterprising investigators in podcasting, publishing, TV, and streaming media.

The 2024 summit took place in London on 15 May from 9.30am-6.30pm.

About the Summit
Celebrate the Truth Tellers

“To have real democracy, we need an aggressive investigative press.”

Carl Bernstein
Watergate Legend

The Lineup

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The Venue

The Summit takes place in the Art Deco setting of the prestigious Royal Institute of British Architects in London.

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Credit: Philip Vile

Royal Institute of British Architects,
66 Portland Place,

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