Alex Crawford

Special Correspondent, Sky News

Alex Crawford

Alex Crawford reports on major stories around the world, and has covered events in Africa, South Asia, the Gulf, and the Middle East, including the Arab Spring uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, and Syria. During her 30-year career, she has been arrested, detained, abducted and interrogated, and has faced live bullets, tear gas, improvised explosive devices, and mortar and artillery shellings. 

Crawford has earned numerous honours and accolades, and is the only journalist to have been named the Royal Television Society’s Journalist of the Year an unprecedented five times. She has won four BAFTAs for reporting on the spread of Ebola, obtaining rare access to the war-ravaged Syrian city of Idlib, the 2020 Hong Kong protests, and exposing the persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

Her three International Emmy Awards recognised her part in the Sky News team investigation of the role of the Taliban in Pakistan, her reporting on the perilous sea crossings made by migrants from Turkey to Greece, and her coverage of Rohingya claims of genocide. She was named 2023 Journalist of the Year at the 2023 Society of Editors Media Freedom Awards for her reporting from Ukraine.

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