Maurice Tamman

Reporter and Editor, Reuters

Maurice Tamman

Reuters enterprise team member Maurice Tamman combines the tools of data scientists with those of traditional journalists to tell stories rooted in empiricism but told through the human lens.

Most recently, he has focused on identifying how specific electronic components used to manufacture military hardware found their way into Russia from the West, despite attempts by the US government and others to block this. Previously he spent several years writing about climate change, including an unprecedented series explaining how the warming of the Earth’s oceans has forced marine life toward the poles, resulting in turmoil for communities that rely on seafood for sustenance and a living.

Previously, Tamman created and ran the Reuters data journalism team, as well as Reuters polling. The team’s work also included documenting the global impact of sea-level rises.

Before that, he was a data reporter and editor at The Wall Street Journal, where, in a first-of-its-kind investigation, he examined billions of patient billing records, exposing fraud waste and abuse in Medicare, the federally funded US medical insurance for the elderly.

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