Nick Davies

Former Special Correspondent, The Guardian

Nick Davies

Nick Davies spent 40 years as a reporter in print and on screen. He led the investigation into the phone-hacking scandal in Rupert Murdoch’s empire; initiated the alliance of newspapers that published US war logs and cables obtained by Wikileaks; and was part of The Guardian team handling the British end of leaks from Edward Snowden.

He has written six books, including Dark Heart: The Shocking Truth About Hidden Britain, which exposed the scale and origin of poverty in the UK through stories from crack houses and street gangs. His 2008 title Flat Earth News investigated falsehood, distortion, and propaganda in mainstream news. The bestselling Hack Attack: How the truth caught up with Rupert Murdoch focused on the hacking scandal and was shortlisted for both the Financial Times Business Book of the Year Award and the Orwell Prize.

Davies has won British Press Awards for journalist of the year, best reporter, and best feature writer.

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