The Battered Business Of News

The assaults on the business model for real journalism are only increasing. What’s the solution?


  • Nishant Lalwani: 'If we don't support journalism, it's hugely dangerous for democracy'

    1 min

  • Nishant Lalwani: 'Supporting independent journalism is one of the most effective things to do'

    1 min

  • Jeff Zucker: 'The future of news and journalism needs investment'

    1 min

  • Joshi Herrmann: 'There's a tremendous appetite for local journalism if it's done in a certain way'

    4 mins

  • Emma Tucker: 'Publishers need to focus on what's irreplaceable'

    1 min

  • Emma Tucker: 'On behalf of Joshi, what he's doing is incredibly smart.'

    3 mins

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